Disclaimer for Teen Patti Master Official Platform

Ownership and Copyright

masterapp.xyz does not hold ownership or assert copyright over any of the applications, images, or logos featured on this website. Certainly! Here’s an article that conveys the meaning of the sentence All trademarks, names, and logos are the property of their respective owners. Any inquiries or concerns regarding the featured applications should be directed to the official sources, such as the Taurus.cash website.

Purpose of the Platform

Our primary purpose is to facilitate APK downloads for the convenience of our users. Please note that masterapp.xyz is not the official website for Teen Patti Master (यह Teen Patti Master Ki Official website नहीं है). We provide direct download links and referral information, but we assume no responsibility for any aspect related to the games, their processes, potential losses, or gains incurred by users.

Age Restriction

Understanding the Age Restriction Policy of Gaming Platforms Given that these games involve real cash, it is essential to be aware that certain states, cities, or countries may have restrictions on access to such gaming applications. We strongly advise all users to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations governing online gaming in their respective state, city, or country. It is crucial to understand that engaging in these games carries financial risk.

Responsible Gaming

masterapp.xyz encourages responsible gaming practices. Users should approach these games with caution and discretion. It is imperative to set personal limits and be aware of one’s financial capabilities when participating in any form of online gaming. We do not endorse or encourage reckless behavior, and users are solely responsible for their actions and decisions.

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